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  • Kumasi Teaches African Rhythms Kumasi has been drumming for over 50 years and is skilled in many forms of drumming, African, Salsa, Carribean, Brazillian, Samba. He is teaching the Samba rhythm today with some African song and storytelling.
  • PHOT0116 Love it!!!!

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Arthur Lopez has been Hand Drumming ever since he watched the BabaLu Conga King, Desi Arnaz, playing Ricky Ricardo on the ”I Love Lucy” show. He got his first pair of bongos at age 7. He worked in Television Production/Photography for over 30 years, but he wasn't truly fulfilled until he turned his drumming passion into his profession as a Drum Circle/Rhythm Event Facilitator.

After hearing Carlos Santana’s’ album in 1969, he joined his HS Jazz band as a percussionist. He moved onto play with Orchestra Liberta, a Latin jazz band, during his HS years.
After attending college at Rochester Institute of Technology for a BFA in Television Production/Photography, he decided to pursue a rewarding career in Television Production where he worked for GREY Advertising in NYC for 20 years and left to pursue his own business in Photography and continue a career in Music.

To further his expertise in his field of music and rhythm facilitation he continues to study West African Drumming with Leroy Craddock of the Ebizu Dance and Drumming performance group in Richmond VA and with Katsu-ra Abiola who is the Drumming Director for Suwabi African Ballet in Norfolk VA.

He has studied Taiko drumming under Marco Lienhard from the Taikoza performance group of East Winds Workshop in NYC. June, 2010 and later, was offered the opportunity to teach Taiko drumming to the East Coast SGI Buddhist group in Virginia Beach. They then performed with over 400 Taiko drummers at the “Rock the Era 2010” performance by the youth division, in Philadelphia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv0RwNClGBI

He attended the three days Drum Circle Facilitator Conference Training Workshop in Myrtle Beach, SC. Feb 2010. Conference features an array of workshops on a wide range of DCF related topics.

He has completed the three day Advance Drum Circle Facilitator Challenge Certification with Arthur Hull, (recognized as the father of Modern day Drum Circle Facilitation) Baltimore, MD July, 2011. Completed Jim Donovan's three day Drum Circle Leadership Program in 2014.

He completed the three day International Frame Drum Workshop with International Instructors: Germany-David Kuckhermann, USA- Scott Robinson, Italy-Bruno Spagna, Brazil-Clarice Castilho, Iran-Naghmeh Farahmand, in March 23-24-25, 2012 in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

In 2009 he formed the Virginia-World-Rhythms-Drum-Circle.com an open Drum Circle Group that is unifying the communities from Richmond VA to Virginia Beach. He now has three Drum Circle Meetup groups: Richmond Rhythms Drum Circle, Virginia World Rhythms Drum Circle and the Virginia Beach Drum Circle, all of these three groups are Creating Unity in the Community with Drum Circles™.

In 2011 Mr. Lopez created DrumYourDream.com, which spawned out of the work that he started in the Virginia World Rhythms Drum Circle. Drum Your Dream provides Professionally Facilitated Drumming sessions for Senior Homes, Corporations, Schools, Hospitals, Youth Camps, Festivals, Kids at Risk and for the Mentally Challenged Physically Disabled. His professional drumming services are able to provide uplifting, fun filled rhythms based interactive drumming experiences for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their musical abilities or age.

Arthur Lopez’s commitment to foster world peace and global unity in the community, gathered over 150 drummers, for Virginia's first ever “Largest Drum Circle in the World” at the Virginia Wesleyan College, September 22, 2012. This is an international annual event that includes Drum Circles from all over the world to drum for Peace and Global Unit starting in their Own Community. This includes countries from UK, Italy, Australia, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Japan and more. Arthur Lopez says he is very proud be the Co-Founder of this history changing event.
You can view the Latest "Largest Drum Circle" For World Peace and Global Unity event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/151105238398839/

Drum Circle Facilitator/Organizer
He has formed his own drum circle network called the www.Virginia-World-Rhythms-Drum-Circle.com. A website that is unifying all the drum circles from Richmond VA, Norfolk VA to Virginia Beach.

These three Drum Circle groups, that span a 100 mile territory from Richmond, Norfolk and Virginia Beach, are open to everyone by becoming a member.
It is at these events that he is able to hone his facilitator and drumming skills.

Creating Unity in the Community with Drum Circles™.

www.DrumYourDream.com spawn out of the work that started in the Virginia World Rhythms Drum Circle. We provide an uplifting, attention getting, druming experience for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their musical abilities or age. We provide high quality rhythm based events in community, education and workplace environments. Through hands on music making and interactive performances, we seek to foster cultural appreciation, teamwork and community spirit. And most of all, we create Community Building by the use of a Fun Filled Facilitated Drumming experience, where everyone gets to share their Rhythm Spirit. And in doing so, we break the ice for strangers to become our new friends.

www.DrumYourDream.com provides Professionally Facilitated Drum Circles for Community based events, Nursing homes, Schools, Festivals, Nonprofit Organizations, Private parties, Weddings, Community Building, Children Special Needs, At-Risk Youth, Hospital Patients, Corporate, College, Adults Groups, Religious Celebrations, Spiritual Gatherings, Community Drum Circles, Teachers, Foster Care, Boy Scouts, Birth Day Parties and more.

Please contact Arthur@DrumYourDream.com with your request and for more information.
For more info about the Virginia-World-Rhytyms-Drum-Circle.com on FaceBook>

Arthur Lopez
Drum Circle Facilitator/Organizer/Instructor
Creating Unity in the Community with Drum Circles™.



Creating Unity in the Community with Drum Circles™.
Rhythms exist everywhere in life. The Virginia World Rhythms Drum Circle wants to make it accessible to all as a tool for community building, relaxation and pleasure, as well as to promote and inspire the development and appreciation among all people.

We wish to offer to people everywhere to foster global awareness and unity. In this age of great technological advances there is a need for people to arrive at the basics of community and the appreciation of the simplicities of life's gifts, attainable by all.

We want people everywhere to connect easily. We want people to love to perform with their community and for their community. We want people to always remember others who may have a need of some gift to make them whole.

Creating Unity in the Community with Drum Circles™.

We provide Facilitated Drum Circles for community based events, schools, nonprofit organizations, parties and for community building. Please contact Arthur@Virginia-World-Rhythms-Drum-Circle.com with your request and for more information.

Provides Professional Drum Circle Facilitation for your organization or special event.
Our group drumming can be a powerful vehicle for connecting the body, mind and spirit, supporting healing and transformation in the process. We create a safe, supportive environment in which participants can freely explore and play. Participants tap into their individual creativity and experience connection to the group, releasing inhibitions and experiencing true mental/physical benefits.
Please contact:
arthur@DrumYourDream.com for more information.
We provide Facilitated Drum Circles for community based events, schools, nonprofit organizations, parties, weddings and for community building. Please contact Arthur@Virginia-World-Rhythms-Drum-Circle.com with your request and for more information.

Drum Your Dream serves the cities of: Richmond, Williamsburg, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Gloucester, Poquoson, Yorktown, James City, Suffolk, Goochland, Warsaw, Smithfield, Isle of Wight, Hampton Roads and Northeast Carolina

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