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  • Kumasi Teaches African Rhythms Kumasi has been drumming for over 50 years and is skilled in many forms of drumming, African, Salsa, Carribean, Brazillian, Samba. He is teaching the Samba rhythm today with some African song and storytelling.
  • PHOT0116 Love it!!!!

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Growing up in the heart of Ireland, I have played music and sang songs all my life but never took it seriously until in 2005, I began practicing a form of energetic healing called 'clearing', developed by the wonderful teacher Eric Dowsett. The practice brought greater relaxation and allowed music to flow like never before culminating in the release of my début album 'Under The Great Shady Tree' in 2009

The music is a reflection of my spiritual journey, which apparently continues to evolve....don't know why.....spent a lot of my life trying to figure that one out, distracted so much by the childhood belief that obedience to authority was the way. If there is any 'meaning in life' it can only ever be a personal meaning, born from the unique way each one of us perceives the world around us through our emotions, sensations and thoughts. This existence has something to do with taking the opportunities we are given to turn from distraction and fear and look within to find clarity and love. I don't know what life's about but I do know what happiness is.

My online publication 'Aschouving -The Happiness Practice' , 2012, outlines the ingredients and tools I suggest will bring happiness to your life.

“Fionntáin's music touches the soul. His voice is a true instrument and cannot fail but touch the heart-strings of the listener. His songs are a roller coaster of emotion, you will be spellbound.” Sarine Browne, Body Balance Practitioner

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00353 87 2541892
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Fionntáin Mac B
Fionntáin Mac B
Hi everyone. A lot of changes and new stuff to present to you. As you can see Ive change my name to its gaelic version. I have a new website www.fionntain.com where you can now download/buy my music and where in the next few days i will be releasing a publication called 'Aschouving - The Happiness Practice'. Happy New Year :-)
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