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We are posting a few questions on Facebook and will be using some responses for inclusion in our print magazine. You may become famous and have a chance to win prizes if you respond!

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  • Kumasi Teaches African Rhythms Kumasi has been drumming for over 50 years and is skilled in many forms of drumming, African, Salsa, Carribean, Brazillian, Samba. He is teaching the Samba rhythm today with some African song and storytelling.
  • PHOT0116 Love it!!!!

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Damon A Jackson

Damon A Jackson

<a href="http://www.aliram.net/">http://www.aliram.net/</a>
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Clinton Tipton

Clinton Tipton

We had a great Paralounge Drum Gathering this May 2011. Now we are getting ready for the Spet.30-Oct.1-2, 2011 Drum Gathering! Lots of great stuff lining up for the next big drum circle Family Re-union.
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Kenne Thomas

Kenne Thomas

Well, the sweltering heat is tapering off here in Minnesota. Summer School ended Thursday and I have some great pictures to share with everyone of the wonderful kids in my classes. We did some fun rhythms, songs and artistic activities.

I'll be spending the next couple weeks in the studio finishing up my CD project. When it's done I'll post something. Have a great summer all.
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DJ Palumbo aka Lady Darjuxena

DJ Palumbo aka Lady Darjuxena

let the healing magic of dance, fire &amp; drum bring us together as ONE!
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Rob at Drum Circle Magazine

Rob at Drum Circle Magazine

I enabled user registration again after shutting it down due to SPAMMERS. Let's see how it goes...
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