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  • Kumasi Teaches African Rhythms Kumasi has been drumming for over 50 years and is skilled in many forms of drumming, African, Salsa, Carribean, Brazillian, Samba. He is teaching the Samba rhythm today with some African song and storytelling.
  • PHOT0116 Love it!!!!

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Drum Circle Poetry

Drum Circle Magazine is happy to provide a venue for poets and writers to share their special drum circle art.

Rhythm's Child by Talisen

Running through the forest hearing it all,
From the water rushing overhead
To the rocks beneath the ground.
Born of sound,  a child of rhythm.

Always there if you listen to it,
Wanting to share in your dreams
Touching you with its feeling,
It revels in your knowing.

Beyond your senses it exists…
Close your eyes, and take a breath.
Let it flow from within… it awakens
It satisfies, it intoxicates, it feels!

Its cycle is in everything,
From the smallest small
To the biggest big
But yet is so easily missed.

It is so important to open yourself.
Without your nurture, it will die.
Then the forest will become quiet
Such stillness like no other.

Seek it out, know its presence.
Live within it, and you are blessed.
Know the forest, both tame and wild
Then you will know rhythm’s child.



Dancing Drums by Talisen

With owners sleeping on the ground,
No one sees them dance around.

The sleeping drummers do not know
Where their drums do sometimes go.

For in the night when the air is clear,
And the masters’ hands are not so near,
They find a place where they can play
A secret place not far away.

Where Djembes lead a jaunting tune,
With Riqs and Tars, they call the moon.
The Ashikos play a simple bass,
As the Djun Djun comes to take his place.

The Doumbek enters the circle last,
Going slow but then moving fast.
With a pop that could wake the dead,
Then silence comes from every head.

The drums peak around the trees to see
That the masters are still sleeping peacefully.
Back to the circle to romp and play
Until the night turns into another day.



Drum Circle by Rick Cormier

Some of us are smiling,
some look grumpy.
Some look timid,
some aggressive.
Some look comfortable,
others look lost.

We lift our drums confidently
or cautiously
and begin to play loudly
or softly
or with reserve
From the heart
or from the head
Knowing our place in the song
or doubting ourselves.

We look unlikely to belong
to the same group.
We differ in every way
Were Christian and Pagan
Men and women
Black and white
Gay and straight
Sixteen and sixty
Well-off and poor
Educated or not
Eloquent or not
Experienced or not
It doesnt matter here.

Some are here to make music
and some are here to touch God.
Some came to be together
while others came to be alone.
Some came for the joyful noise
and some for peace and quiet.
Some came to heal their souls
and others just for fun.
It doesnt matter which.

Some are here to connect with spirit...
to journey
to raise energies
to be entranced
or find their essence
And some are here to stop thinking.

To just Be.

A dozen souls
Together for a dozen reasons
Headed for a dozen destinations
Yet we travel as One.
Supporting one another
without a word

Building something of beauty
and energy
and spirit
that not one of us
could have conceived.
Ending each piece with laughter
...or with silence.
Feeling so alive,
and in the moment,
and so connected.

When its time to go, I pray
I can bring a bit more
of my drum circle heart
into the world this time...

Because the world has much to learn
about community.

© Rick Cormier, www.differentdrummersdrumcircle.com

Healing of Our Drums by Maria A. Johannesen

Come…we welcome you.
close your eyes,
And join as we unify,
Defining what we represent,
As we unite sharing respect,
Peace and love along with
spreading of spiritual finesse
as our drums beat intensely
Showing no hatred, envy, lies or disgust.
Our dancers begin to tell us a story
With energy and sways
With each beat we thrust
As we travel to a place of
spreading peace and love
Way past the hours of dusk

Our sister, our brother, our friend,
Even to you;
who proclaims to be our foe,
Here is something we want you to know,

There will be no need to fight
And together we will chant into a delight.
How you ask…because
Days and times of a stressful day
Now become an
atmosphere of love ,
Peace, and of a happy place
Even causing a smile on
Mother Earth’s face

Positive, togetherness, respect,
Truth, peace, and love
This is the vocabulary that is used to
Describe us

We are sure to leave a trail of prosperity,
Of peace and love by
Sharing those qualities that bind us, along
When the drums are played, we are free
To spread peace and love, nothing less than
our very best
Coming together, not apart, but as friends,
As one

So come let’s have some fun
as we dance and drum
to a beat of our very own
a beat that heals
sharing our peace and love
as our drum circle family of
TampaBay unites as one!


Written by and copyrighted April 5, 2010
Maria A. Johannesen


Lost in the Rhythms by Tom Weston

The hand drums beat
And set the time
The dancers form
Into a line

The drumming starts
And touches hearts
The pounded skins
Ignite the sparks

And on into
The darkened nights
The rhythms stir
The inner lights

And soon we're carried
Far away
And for awhile
Escape the day

Within a world
Of sense and feeling
Far removed
From this world's stealing

Secure for a time
In a grooving ascension
We are a part
Of a spiritual dimension 

Tom Weston


Treasure Island Drum Circle My Church by DJ Palumbo

I wait all week long for Sunday, for now I go to my church today.
Wearing whatever I want my church never descriminates in any way.

I can hardly wait to get there I’m so excited my spirited is so lifted.
I get to drum and dance with so many beautiful people who are gifted.
When I arrive hurry, hurry I cant get out of my car any more faster.
We are finally here I say to Druid my inspiration, and my Pastor

I can hear the drums pounding and the smile forms on my face.
Gather our bags & blankets now to the sand now we race!
The walk seems so long but the anticipation starts to fade!
I have arrived now, we made it everything’s now okay!

I am greeted at my church with a big smile and a huge hug
this drum circle is my family of all ages old and young
I look around and see the happiness on everyone's face.
Here is where I belong, nowhere else but in this higher place.

The drummers are drumming for free, for fun and for love
no donations expected here to get close to the gods above
The sun the sand the rhythms of drumming and dance
sends my spirit up higher and now I'm lost in a trance

Hundreds come from everywhere to witness this sight
Treasure Island drum circle is my peace, my love, my light
A circle with no facilitator no,boss,, one is in control
Free to be you, express yourself, free your soul.

Everyone is united it's such a beautiful celebration
we celebrate life through drum circle without limitations
we are one in peace, a declaration of expression
some may view it as one big party with other intentions.

My heartaches, internal wounds are bandaged and healed
Any anger that I have bottled up is released and resealed
Dancing in the sand connected to the earth with my feet
My problems are reduced I feel once again complete!

Treasure Island drum circle is my Sunday church
there is no other place I would rather ever be on Earth

Peace Love & Light
DJ Palumbo AKA Lady Darjuxena

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Drums Singing by Marie Baxter

It was such a surprise when they came
Nobody told me of the joyful sound
That ancient rhythms struck by novice hands
Could draw from heart and beat

You, gently lead us building sound
Feeling when we speed or slow
And guide us back to harmony
With warmth and hope and praise

We, disparate with different stories
Searching for something good
Fill the time while waiting
‘Lets just try out this group’

And as we beat out phrases
Imprinted deep within our busy minds
We slip into a new community
We share belonging and find more

Then they came unexpected, unannounced
They enveloped my heart and spirit
Like; precious spring sun on a cold face,
Contentment after a good meal,

A loving family moment,
Laughter so deep you loose control,
The touch of your lover on your soul.-
The sound of humanities grandmother’s mellow singing

I stop enthralled
To listen
And they slip away
Lost again to us in time

So brief, an imagined moment?
Saddened I loose myself again in the rhythm
And they strong, confident, return rising to the rafters
Only to be heard when you are in the moment

No glitter
No lights
No stage
No celebrity

This is music more precious
Not to order, it shuns money and power
Shared by those who do not demand it
And absorbed without listening

By Marie Baxter, from Somerset, England

Submitted by Sharon Stone, OrganicRhythm.co.uk

Healing Circle by Rick Cormier

There can be calm in the midst of noise.
My mind quiets as I play...
suspending its judgements,
rehearsals, and self-reproaching...

Time slows down...
...Just enough
that I begin to see the moments.
I become grounded and aware
of myself
and of others
and of the music we have become.
There can be such healing in Joy.


© Rick Cormier, www.DifferentDrummersDrumCircles.com

Yellowbird by Rick Cormier

For thousands of years his people built the drums of legends
Drums of cottonwood and elkhide
Clear, strong voices that sang out to the spirit
In the most sacred of their ceremonies.
He, like his ancestors, is a drum-builder.
Born of the Cochiti pueblo,
One of three remaining drum-building elders.
Building drums in the Old way.
A cane helps him walk and stand.
He expects that soon he will lack the strength to build more drums.
He said so without remorse and welcomed us into his home.
There we exchanged culture and stories for hours.
His wife showed us pictures of their children and grandchildren.
They talked of powwows and crafts and tribes.
They make us laugh warning us about crafts
made by "Korean tribes."
He handed me his latest drum and talked about drum-building.
How the cottonwood must sit outdoors for a year before becoming a drum.
Those people at Taos rush theirs using green wood...
which will shift under the pressure of the elkhide...
and eventually crack and split.
He builds his drums the Old way.
He offered me a beater, which I refused.
My hands had been exploring the feel of this drum.
I began tapping out a beat with my fingers, bouncing them off the drumhead
Weaving contrasting tones from different parts of the head.
He had never heard sounds like this from one of his drums.
Even the rhythm intrigued him.
"Is that African?" he asked.
I was tempted to answer, "Acadian Funk."
He was surprised and fascinated by the concept of community drum circles.
He couldn't imagine all those diverse people drumming together.
In his world, a drum is a chalice at a mass.
In mine, it is a shared goblet at a crowded table.
And he "gets it."
He saw the wisdom and the value of it
and thought it a wonderful mission
to bring people together.
And I imagined... "Different Drummers: Southwest."
After handshakes and hugs, we left the home of Gabe and Katy.
With a gift for being a guest in their home.
He made us promise to call him when we got back to Maine
so he'd know we got home safely.
And I kept that promise.
Then I learned to build Cochiti beaters
To honor my adopted Cochiti grandfather
So that my new drums could sing
In the Old way.



© Rick Cormier, www.DifferentDrummersDrumCircles.com

Drummer's Journey By Cara Sadira
I am the drum
I am that pulsing
Synchronizing beat that captivates the soul

And through the drum
I become
The flame

Moving, flickering,
Originating from within
This is absolute creation of original thought

And I, it, we, are moving
As One
Expressing, Exhilarating, Unifying

I am the drum
BOOM BOOM by Sharon Warden

boom boom sheffy sheffy plep plep boom the answers seem to come in the beating of the drum 

sheffy sheffy boom boom plep plep boom why'd ya have to go you know i love you so 

boom boom plepplep sheffy boom boom boom hear the voice calling wailing, wailing out of the drums listen as it comes 

boom boom sheffy sheffy plep plep boom where shall we go from here what happened to the year time stands still on the boom boom surface and nothing else matters but the boom boom sheffy sheffy plep plep boom  

© Sharon Warden October 2004 


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