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Jim Donovan Rhythmic Motivation : College Orientation & Team Building Programs


Rhythmic Motivation is an engaging, group music-making program in which your students will focus on building purpose and connection with each other, while deepening their listening skills and releasing stress. Rhythmic Motivation is fun, 100% interactive, and provides a common ground for students to learn powerful lessons about themselves. Rhythmic Motivation shows your students how to: 1. Quickly and effectively release stress. 2. Focus fully on any task to increase its quality. 3. Understand how each individual's actions affect the greater whole. 4. Give ALL of themselves to whatever they are doing. 5. Identify their tendencies related to how they deal with FEAR, and gives them ways to transform it into something useful. Rhythmic Motivation is the perfect program for: *Multi-cultural awareness *Stress-relief and wellness *Leadership conferences *Freshman orientation *Team building *Ice breakers *Pre-event energizers Would you like more information? http://www.JimDonovanDrums.com


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